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        • Name: Special Coconut Bags
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        I. Materials: Sinopec PP powder, T30 new material, polypropylene, polyethylene.
        II. Applications: Mainly for packing agricultural products.
        1. Vegetables: Onion, cabbage, wild cabbage, garlic, potato, carrot.
        2. Fruit: Apple, pineapple, watermelon, coconut and so on.
        3. Peanut, corn.
        III. Advantages:
        1. Excellent ventilation, non-perishability for packed fruits and vegetables, and good visibility.
        2. Large elasticity, strong stress, not-easily deformation, perseverance.
        3. Lightweight, soft, smooth, flat wires keep fruits and vegetables from being damaged during transport.
        V. Product Parameters:


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